Meet the Team

Meet our team of experienced marketers with decades of collective experience in and out of the life science industry.

We understand the daily challenges life science marketers face because we’ve been there. The Lime team was created to be the resource that we wish we had ourselves in previous commercial roles within the life science industry. Our Lime team members collaboratively bring a unique perspective to life science marketing that is relevant, innovative, and differentiated.


We offer unique life science insight and relevant marketing expertise…

  • Michele Benton PhD

    Michele Benton, PhD

    CEO & Founder

    I’ve always been curious about the true human nature of things. This curiosity has fueled my pursuit of graduate education in creativity and social and behavioral science, as well as a lifelong career in marketing both as a marketer and a marketing-capability builder.

    For over two decades, I led teams across consumer goods, B2B, and pharma ranging from $20M to $2B in revenue to achieve breakthrough strategy and profit growth, and later, ran a multi-year marketing transformation program. After heading up Marketing & Sales Capabilities at a Fortune 500 pharmaceuticals company, in 2016 I left to start a different type of company with Lime. 

    After living, working, and traveling to over 30 countries, one thing I know for sure about our world is that uncertainty, complexity, and change constitute life. Whether it’s my family, my team, my clients or their own customers, I want to be a part of creating the good life we all deserve. For me, the good life is with my husband and two teenagers hanging out near the water or sitting in a café with a nice espresso or bottle of wine. We are dual based in North Carolina and Morocco, and are avid DIY’ers out and about the home.

  • Erica Flagg - Lime Marketing

    Erica Flagg, MBA

    Marketing Learning Content & Innovation Director

    When it comes to healthcare and marketing, I love learning about all the different customers, understanding what they value, and figuring out how to engage with them in a way that will change their attitudes and behavior.

    I was a consumer, patient, and HCP marketer, and refined my marketing craft through nearly 10 years in the vaccines division of a Fortune 500 global pharmaceuticals company. I also led capability-building programs in both big Pharma and a leading medical device company to help evolve marketing competencies and capabilities for a global and digital world.

    I received my BA from Duke University and an MBA with a concentration in marketing from Kenan Flagler Business School at The University of North Carolina. Prior to my healthcare marketing career, I was an investment banker in healthcare private equity before getting my graduate degree. I live with my husband and two children in a suburb of Boston. When I’m not working or driving kids to school and their various activities, I love to play tennis, read, and help my family and friends decorate their homes.

  • Megan Lamy

    Megan Lamy, MBA

    Marketing Specialist and Content Director

    My marketing acumen, strategic mindset, and innovative creativity have found a strong fit in Lime, where I value emotional intelligence, incredible thought leadership, life science expertise, and a leading-edge culture.

    I am a marketing and communications expert from strategy and branding to omnichannel tactics to technological platforms and data analysis reporting. In the healthcare industry, I built a marketing team that contributed to the business tripling and quickly becoming the national urgent care leader in its market, which led to co-authoring the industry’s guide to urgent care marketing. I’ve successfully managed comprehensive marketing and communications efforts for a company’s 60+ locations across numerous states, and have helped senior care, business, tourism, and non-profit sectors grow through the effective use of strategic marketing channels. Continual personal growth and lifelong learning are fuel for my life and career, and I believe that perseverance, dedication, gratitude, and humility are keys to living well. 

    I graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Business Marketing and a minor in Communications, and have an MBA with an emphasis in Leadership and Entrepreneurship from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. As an Arizona native currently residing in Tempe with my husband and three children, I love sunshine and warm weather. We all play competitive soccer and love being outdoors as much as possible. In my spare time you’ll find me exercising, eating chocolate, chasing fun and laughter with my family, doing house projects, enjoying sports, and spending time with friends. 

  • Kelley Karpinski

    Kelley Karpinski

    Business Manager

    To quote Leonardo da Vinci, “An arch consists of two weaknesses, which, leaning on each other, becomes a strength”. Being a team player and supporting those around me gives me joy in my personal and professional life.

    For over 15 years, I have worked as an administrative assistant in the public and private sector of education. Whether supporting the teammates I have had the privilege to work with or supporting the potential students, their families, and the various vendors within the education system, providing support to those around me is a great journey that I enjoy being on. Being a part of the Lime team has been a wonderful opportunity for me to bring what I know and do well to a new arena: life sciences marketing. I welcome the chance to support you in connecting with Lime and watching you GROW!

    After relocating from Indiana to North Carolina, my husband, two children and I quickly adjusted to the southeast’s warmer weather. You can find me, along with my husband, tending to our chickens and spending time in our garden–which allows us to make our own marinara sauce, tomato sauce, and salsa. If we’re not playing in the garden or yard, then we are off to the mountains or the beach with our travel trailer and dog.

  • Gwyn Cready

    Gwyn Cready, MBA

    Consumer Healthcare Marketing Best-Practices Advisor

    I love helping clients untangle problems while bringing more value to their big ideas.

    For over 20 years, I’ve been working with healthcare companies to build branding and strategies that strengthen consumer engagement. I have written numerous  articles on healthcare topics and co-authored a scientific paper and two scientific posters. I’ve also helped major brick-and-mortar universities identify and launch successful online graduate degree programs in the areas of healthcare and law, significantly improving the schools’ income and profitability.

    My work, education, and personal experiences come to life for me through writing. I have a BA in English literature and an MBA in marketing, both from the University of Chicago. I’m the author of nine novels and a graphic novel. Currently, I’m writing a memoir about getting to know my sister in the years after her death at age 31. My husband and I divide our time between Palm Springs, CA, and Pittsburgh.