Level up your marketing team’s learning with the Lime Marketing Simulation Learning Game. This marketing skill-building program focuses on the complex customer, organizational, and environmental challenges life science marketers face. Our decades of on-the-ground marketing experience in and out of the industry has been transformed into a powerful, engaging learning experience for immediate business impact with your busy marketers.

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Cultivate People

Cultivate People Marketing Simulation

Marketing Simulation

Interactive Diagnostic Learning Game
No one likes to be evaluated. That’s why Lime developed a marketer-friendly diagnostic, and engaging learning experience no matter the marketing level, to help you focus learning interventions on where they matter most.
Cultivate People Life Science Marketing

Life Science Marketing Masterclasses

Interactive On-Demand Learning Program With Certificate
Your marketers deserve engaging, innovative, and high impact learning interventions that reflect the digital, social, and global world we work and live in; ones that don’t require days out of the office.
Cultivate People Mastery In Action Workshops

Mastery In Action Workshops

Expert-Facilitated, Hands-On Sessions
Get hands-on help with your specific marketing or launch strategy.

Cultivate Productivity

Cultivate Productivity Marketing Ways

Marketing Ways

When it comes to marketing processes, a customer-focused, streamlined approach wins out any day over a mountain of templates and endless process steps. Lime develops standard ways of marketing together that’s suited for today’s uncertainty, the market complexity, and your company culture.
Cultivate Productivity Marketing Competencies

Marketing Competencies

Don’t settle for tedious, outdated, or off-the-shelf frameworks. Together, Lime builds tailored competencies that are simple, approachable, and focused on the essentials for achieving success today and in the future.

Cultivate Culture

Cultivate Culture Soil Test

Soil Test™

Benchmark and Strategic Roadmap
Together we use the results of this life science marketing benchmark to develop a strategic roadmap to guide your marketing capability strategy and planning efforts.
Cultivate Culture Leading Marketing Transformation

Leading Marketing Transformation

Executive Learning Program
Leading change is tough. We set our marketing leaders up for success through our facilitated action learning program for marketing leaders and marketing functional teams.
Cultivate Culture The CMO Transformation

The CMO Advisor

Executive Coaching
We provide expert coaching for life science executives who want to lead with empathy and impact in order to move the organization forward.

Cultivate Community

Cultivate Community LimeLights


We nudge the life science industry through thought leadership in the form of external events, podcasts, and articles, including LinkedIn and Harvard Business Review.
Cultivate Community The Limebrary

The Limebrary™

Explore the Limebrary for tip sheets and other helpful free resources for you and your team.

Marketing capabilities = firm’s ability to use available resources to understand and fulfill a market’s customer needs better than its rivals1

1Morgan, N. A., Feng, H., & Whitler, K. A. (2018). Marketing capabilities in international markets. Journal of International Marketing, 26(1), 61-95.

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