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Lime is on a mission to put the life back in life sciences. We are a unique marketing strategy and capabilities partner that transforms life science marketing by cultivating proven marketing ingredients and data-driven resources that grow profits. 


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Lime Marketing Michele Benton PhD

Michele is very strategic and enterprising, always showing up as a dynamic leader who really understands what the business needs from a learning perspective. Her strong business knowledge, creative instructional design approach, and great facilitation skills resulted in meaningful experiences for participants and long-term impact for the business.

Michele spent a lot of time getting to know our company inside out. She didn’t just say ‘this is the way to do it.’ She was able to divorce her experience from her advisement, even going so far as saying, ‘The way I did it in the past may not be the best for you now’. I really appreciated that approach from her and the industry insight she brought. Her expertise lent credibility to the work we were doing and helped with adoption.

Excellence is the word that comes to mind when I think about Michele. I am consistently impressed with Michele’s ability to drive long-term strategy, build organizational capabilities and cultivate leadership to deliver commercial excellence across large organizations. Michele would be a true asset for any company that is looking to enhance their business performance with creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking.

Senior Life Science Marketing Leader

Michele and the team came on as consultants with a wealth of industry experience. But they became more than that, coming to feel like an extension of the team. They brought a rich external perspective on marketing and put in a great deal of effort to understand our particular needs. Other consultants will try to fit you into an archetype, but Lime takes a customized approach. From helping us think through establishing more standardized approaches to marketing to executing change management, they’ve become an essential part of moving us into the future of marketing. 

Leading Fortune 500 Biotech Company

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