Executive Briefing: The Game Changer for Life Science Marketers – Developing A Practical Roadmap to Win in 2022

As a life science marketer, what should you focus on for success in 2022? 

Like you, we at Lime have been trying to keep up with the onslaught of pundit commentary on how marketing has changed post-COVID, trendy notions such as purpose-driven marketing, customer experience marketing,  virtual marketing, relationship marketing, ethical marketing,  performance marketing, full-funnel marketing, conversational marketing, and so on. Instead of offering a new paradigm, though, marketing in the new world seems simply an adjective-laden relabeling of classic tried-and-true ideas like “know your customer” and “offer relevant, differentiated value at a profit”. With the new year, new resolutions, and new predictions for 2022, the flurry of hot marketing buzz will only continue to confound.

Contact  Dr. Michele Benton to set up an interactive briefing on the one thing that will change the game for life science marketing in 2022 (and post-COVID). 

The answer may surprise you, and you’ll walk away with practical takeaways that can be applied right away.

About Dr. Michele Benton

Dr.  Benton is President of lime LLC, a boutique marketing capabilities consultancy that delivers proven marketing ingredients to grow profits at life sciences companies. She works with organizations and teams around the world to ensure they have the right thinking, tools, and conversations in place to drive breakthrough strategy and profit growth in a  world of high uncertainty and change.